Scott has been teaching and speaking to large and small groups for over 10 years. Every one of his presentations centers around personal responsibility.  Using his logo IamSomeone, he stresses the fact that the "someone" you have been waiting on to do something about the problem at hand, just might be you!  It is time to quit waiting on "someone" to solve a problem that is in front of us.  Because, IamSomeone...and so are you!

Scott has an easy, story-telling way of connecting with his audience that is unmatched. He will make them laugh, make them cry, and, most importantly, make them think! He uses his experiences in law enforcement and teaching the D.A.R.E. program to move his audience to action. Everyone leaves challenged. Everyone leaves moved. Everyone leaves motivated.

  • Scott Harvey is one of the best trainers that I have worked with. Not only do our educators always enjoy his presentations, gain lots of useful information and give him great evaluations, but he is also fantastic to work with! Knowing that someone is going to work with you to meet the needs of your audience and leave them glad they came to your training is about as good as it gets for a training coordinator!

    Katie Helton
    Training Coordinator KECSAC
  • Sgt. Harvey has presented for the Kentucky Center for School Safety on a number of topics. Each time he exceeds expectations. He connects with his audience in an energetic and engaging manner regardless of the age level or topic of instruction. Sgt. Harvey is a consummate professional.

    Lee Ann Morrison
    Training Coordinator Kentucky Center for School Safety


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